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Model “Neuron”

Model – demonstration grant on studying the topic “Structure of the nervous system ” in the ” Man and his health.”
The model is made of plastic and painted.
The model consists of two parts :
one mimics the structure of a neuron ,
( The model is presented with particular external and internal structure of the neuron : the kernel, nucleolus , nuclear membrane porous , secretory education sheath cells , short branching processes with ” spines ” – dendrites , axonal hillock – the place of divergence long process neuron ( axon ) ) .
the other – the structure of the nerve process ( axon ) .
( Axon model demonstrates its external and internal structure , and allows us to see a thick myelin sheath process, Schwann cells that synthesize myelin, nodes of Ranvier , mitochondria and secretory education formed cells during initiation )
Both parts are mounted on the plate
Model of a nerve cell is composed of four parts : the actual body of a neuron spikes , transparent nuclear envelope , 2 balls , imitating nucleoli .
Height 330 mm. Length / width 210h130 mm.
Weight 0.5 kg;

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