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Optics Set


Diaphragms with slits – Set of 5 pieces
A set of laser optical discs
Flat double-wing mirror
A set of optics:
1 aluminum rail: Length 100cm, 1 mm. (It comes out of the tray)
2 Tri-color light box: AC or DC 12V, 35W
3 Metal graduated rotating disc diameter .21cm
4. The diaphragm with the slits: 3pc
5 filters: red, green, blue
6 Lens magnet.
7. Color Screen x 1 narrow screen x1, screen with a slit F x 1
8 convex lenses: F100mm x 1, F200m x1
9, a concave lens: F-150 x 1 mm
10. Mirror magnet: 3 pieces
11. A black screen with a hole diameter. 20mm
12. white screen: 15x15cm
13. Metal stand: diametr..8mm, x3
14. Plastic Stand: 3 pieces
Training gratings 100 lines
Polaroids Set; Tray storage

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