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About Us

Rover Education (legal name TM Education and Trading OÜ)  is a company, which is engaged in the manufacture and supply of equipment and products for education and creation of unique sensory room and rehabilitation equipment. The company also specialises in sourcing medical equipment.  Sensory rooms equipment and rehabilitation equipment  is needed to help the child to find inner harmony and harmony with the environment, restore emotional balance and strengthen the nervous system.

As our company has developed a universal approach to the study of natural sciences. Which included – laboratory equipment for chemistry, physics and biology (as separate items and as kits), visual aids, posters on the science subjects, computer equipment, interactive whiteboards, and a fully integrated mobile teaching complex with classroom managment software.

We work with customers around the world, we have an individual approach to each client. We can also develop a product based on the technical specifications of our partners and budget.

For over 9 years now Rover Education has been assembling and supplying quality educational teaching aids to the education industry. We specialize in Laboratory equipment for all sciences and we also offer bespoke solutions for both IT hardware and software for use in classrooms and other learning environments.

Our ever expanding range of fabulous Multi Sensory Equipment is perfect for any sensory room. Suitable for all abilities and ages, creating an engaging, stimulating and inclusive learning environment, encouraging communication, connection and interaction to unlock the children potential as they explore, discover and enjoy.

We have fulfilled large government contracts and orders in a number of countries including Western Europe, Australia, South America, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Eastern Europe. Currently we are situated in Estonia and also have a representative office in Hong Kong. We suggest turnkey solutions for governments and private institutions looking to upgrade their facilities with full project management on complete upgrades including teacher training and laboratory upgrading.

From start to finish, we can manage all your sourcing and manufacturing needs!

Rover Education takes its responsibility to society very seriously. When choosing materials, the way the products have been made is taken into account.

All the Rover Education products are tested in accordance with European Standards of safety:

EN 71-1: Safety of toys, mechanical and physical properties
EN 71-2: Flammability
EN 71-3: Migration of certain elements
EN 71-9: Organic chemical compounds




Why Partner with Us?

Our team of developers knows the challenges that students and teachers face. Every solution we create is designed to help students unlock greater understanding and feeling from their first days in preschool to their graduation from high school.

We have always found the best solutions when partnering directly with our customers – the educators, the students and their parents.

By developing products with educators, designing customer solutions for educational partners, and working with experts we helped to ensure educators are successful.

  • Become our partner to create the next generation of education products.
  • Become our partner to develop a custom kit or solution that fully addresses your needs and budget.
  • Become our partner to make the products even better with your feedback.

Our products are tested by students and teacher reviewed to ensure they work in the real world.