Create your own private space with Plywall!

Have you ever had the need to create a space for children to play in or own a separate workplace for focused work? Yet there does not seem any room, whether in the house, apartment or office, to make such an area? It is now possible with our eco-friendly pop-up play/work place.

The walls are easy to set up as the plywood only needs to be unrolled and the shelves attached without any screws. The inside surface is covered with 100% felt giving it a warm feeling and better outside noise cancelling effect.

The interior is comprised with one big and two smaller shelves. Depending on your needs the shelves can be rearranged and customized. The plywood can be ordered in different colours.


The possibility to use it as a:

• Pop-up chill retreat
• Separated playcorner
• Study space
• Office

H: 110, 125 and 145 cm
L: 300 cm