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U-Fill Reusable Glue Sticks

The Worlds Only Reusable Glue Sticks!


The range consists of 3 models:

U-fill Blue Stick

Training glue stick designed with the optimum adhesive content and setting time for younger children. Applies bold blue to help them see where they are sticking, then dries clear.


U-fill Quick Stick

Fastest setting glue formula. Reposition for up to 30 seconds, then strong permanent bond. Smooth application with little to no puckering due to low water content. Reliable and durable everyday glue stick.


U-fill Clear Stick

Longest lasting and most versatile glue formula. Highest percentage adhesive at 45% and lowest water content. Smoothest application with no puckering or lumps. Long reposition time of up to 60 seconds before strong permanent bond.